5 Essential Exercises to Get a Flat Tummy

admin   September 25, 2016   Comments Off on 5 Essential Exercises to Get a Flat Tummy

Getting a flat tummy is what almost everyone craves for and getting rid of the belly fat is perhaps the biggest challenge for each one of us. The good news is that it is indeed possible to get flatter abs without having to sweat it out in the gym for long hours. You do not need fancy gym equipment to trim the belly fat; you can perform simple crunches and sit-ups at home to get the desired results. The key to getting a well-sculpted mid-section is making use of smart but effective stabilizing moves. Here are some of the exercises which can give you a flat tummy:

  1. Plank with Leg Lifts: You can put yourself in a modified push-up stance with the weight resting on the toes and forearms and elbow under the shoulders directly. So, the body is essentially in a straight line from the ankles up to the neck. You must then brace the core muscles and raise one foot off the ground. You need to be able to hold onto this posture for about 60-90 seconds and repeat the second set using the other leg.
  2. Stability Ball Mountain Climber: You can use a stability ball to perform this exercise at home. You have to place your hands on it about 18-24 inches apart; extend the legs at the back in a push-up position so that the body is again in a straight line from the ankles up to the neck. Once you have help yourself like this, you must lift the right leg off the floor to bring the right knee towards the chest and then you have to lower it. The entire movement needs to be repeated with the left leg.
  3. Side Plank: To perform this exercise, you need to lie on the side with legs straight; the right leg has to be stacked on top of your left leg and your weight should be resting on the left forearm as well as the outside of the left foot. Elbows have to be directly beneath the shoulders and the upper arm must be at right angles to the floor. The whole body from the neck right up to the ankle needs to be in a straight line. You have to then place your right hand on the hip to hold the side plank for about 30-40 seconds and then repeat the same action on the right side.
  4. Pilates Modified Roll Up: In this, you must lie down on the back with knees bent and arms overhead. The heels are placed flat on the ground. As you exhale, you bring your arms above the chest, contract the abdominal muscles and squeeze your inner thighs. This is done as you curl your head, back and shoulders off the ground and bring them nearer to your hips. The trick is to use the abdominal muscles and not the arms to empower yourself; the chin is held towards the chest as you raise yourself into a sitting position. You must then breathe out and contract the abs to roll back into the original position. In doing so, you should be able to feel every single vertebra touching the ground.
  5. Heel Tap: In this exercise, you have to lie atop a fitness ball with the arms on the sides and palms facing downwards. You must then raise the right heel about an inch off this ball and trace its curve using your heel, thereby lowering this right leg to the ground. Your abdominal muscles and hips must be held absolutely still while you do this action. You will then tap the floor lightly with the heel and raise the leg back to the original position. The entire movement is to be repeated using the left leg.