Six Floor Exercises For Abdomen For Men

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If you are keen to work on your abs for greater results, you can swap crunches for complex moves. In addition, a proper diet is recommended to maintain that six pack abs. Some of the best abdomen workouts for men have been explained below.

1. Pendulum

The benefit of this exercise is that you don’t need any equipment. Simply lie on the mat or floor on your back with your legs raised until you bend at a 90 degree position at the hips. Keep your legs straight, bring them towards the right and allow them to reach almost to the floor. Place the legs in an upright posture and lower them to left. Continue in this manner up to 4 reps and rest for one minute between sets.

2. Barbell Landmine

Place one end of the barbell towards the corner of the walls. Then, pick up the barbell from the other side and hold it on the chest. Press the barbell out from the chest with your hands and lace your fingers. Keep your arms straight and continue rotating from shoulders to one side and to the other. Come back to the actual position. 3 repetitions can be performed with 2 minutes of rest between sets.

3. Abs Wheel Rollout

On a flat surfaced floor, kneel down with knees below your hips and hands under shoulders. Hold the handles of the abs wheel. Push your hips in the front and roll the abs wheel. Your back should be positioned flat and allow the arms to stretch towards your body in the front. When you feel that you are unable to roll any longer, simply push the palms on the floor and squeeze your abs and push your hips back at the same time to reach to the initial position. Perform 4 repetitions and rest for 90 seconds in between.

4. Plank Crunch

Begin with a basic plank posture by placing your forearms on the floor and keep your body straight. Now bring forward your right knee towards the right elbow before you return to plank position. Follow this by placing the left knee towards the left elbow. This completes one rep and follows 10 reps in total.

5. Cable Rotation

Hold a cable with your hands in the front while standing and keep your arms straight. Engage your abs while you rotate the upper body towards the left, back to center and to the right and to center. Perform 10 complete repetitions.

6. Bicycle Crunch

Lie on the back and place your hands behind the head. Raise and bend your legs at 90 degrees. The sides can be alternated by bringing forward the right elbow close to the left knee and left elbow towards right knee. Take about 60 seconds to build it up and hold the crunch at least for 2 counts on both sides for a slower movement.

Thus, these are some of the floor workouts for men that work on the abdomen perfectly on men. Besides, incorporating a healthy diet is also essential for optimum results to obtain a six pack abs.