How to do Ab Crunches at Home

admin   September 25, 2016   Comments Off on How to do Ab Crunches at Home

When you want a six-pack abs, you do not have to get yourself enrolled in a gym to train your muscle groups. You can even practice doing ab crunches at home to get the results. Crunches are very similar to sit-ups except that you lift your upper back only instead of lifting your whole back off the ground as in sit-ups. So, you simply engage your abdominal muscles and not your hip muscles when you do abdominal crunches. These crunches are very effective for trimming the belly fat and toning your middle portion; they will dramatically improve your body balance and stability. So, when you do many different types of ab crunches at home, you can successfully target your obliques, transverse and rectus abdominus. However, before trying out anything at home, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner to get his advice. Most importantly, you need to know how to do the crunches properly in order to get the benefits.

Tips on how to do ab crunches at home:

  • For the basic crunches, you must lie down on your back using either a carpet or mat for the purpose. The only thing to make sure is that the surface does not offer too much cushioning effect. You can challenge yourself by trying out the crunches on a declined bench or using a stability ball. Keeping your feet flat on the ground, you need to bend your knees to keep them suspended; arms can be placed behind the head to support the neck and head to prevent it from being strained during the workout. To add some more resistance to these basic crunches, you can hold weights behind the head or on your chest.
  • When you have got yourself into this posture, you need to lift the shoulders using the abdominal muscles. Your aim should be to raise the shoulder towards the ceiling above and lift only your upper back off the ground. If you attempt to lift the entire back, you can get a sprain. Moreover, this extended motion is not conducive to getting flatter abs.
  • While it is tempting to move the head in front and tuck the chin inside the chest, this should be avoided at all costs because you will only end up spraining your neck. The best way to avoid this faulty posture is to look up towards the ceiling at all times.
  • Even with your hands placed behind the head, it is important to ensure that the elbows are on the same level with your ears and they do not meet.
  • When you have got the posture right you should breathe out to contract the abdominal muscles to lift yourself up. The trick is not to let yourself go when you have held the posture for a couple of seconds; it is important to come down slowly on the ground to ensure that you can control the abs while doing this too. It is essential to relax your abdominal muscles before attempting a second crunch.

When you want to challenge yourself at home while performing crunches, you can always put dumbbells on the chest or even a filled bottle to add some resistance. It is important to exhale when you are doing the hard part and inhale when performing the easier part of the workout. Resting well post-crunches is recommended to allow your muscles to relax.